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UNUM Lascia ch'io pianga EDP "let me weep"

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Good things are images that disappear from our mind.
They are parts of us lost in the wood of habits.But the pain remains and describes what cannot be chosen.Maybe I don't want to forget maybe it won't happen I want to feel different.
Only free.
I remember crying because it is stronger than forgetting.But going is sweeter than our staying.I don't want to live in fear of what comes from the dark or what I left behind.I am who I wanted to be even when I wasn't talking.
They were tears to the moon that always rose as a prayer, sculpting my fate.
I proudly sigh for just one leap into the drama so as not to let go of the emotions.
So I follow my emerald-scented path wherever it may take me.
It is a promise to me to each other, an oath, a cry, a sincerity, a brave hymn
and I never forget.


SUBJECT: Lilac Jasmine Gardenia Ylang-ylang Iris

BACK SUBJECT: Tuberose Carnation

TAIL:‚ Tolu balm Musk

Filippo Sorcinelli Perfumes born in 2014; dedicated to the artistic passions of their creator:
  Gothic art, music, photography…the fog.Shop at
UNUM Lascia ch'io pianga EDP "let me weep" Sale price$225.00 USD