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The SuperFluo collection? by Filippo Sorcinelli, born from the desire to implement the offer through cosmetics and body care, is now enriched with two fragrances dedicated to the person, in an extrait de parfum version. The search for a new olfactory elegance and a new understanding of luxury are the new elements: a luxury enclosed in the search for matter and availability, to question oneself and to know oneself inside. These perfumes are genuinely modern and reflect a society not founded on running , but made up of new consumers who are aware of the world around them, demanding with the products they buy and seek out distinctive fragrances. LIGHT OF HEARTS and VERY SWEET RELIEF are part of Filippo Sorcinelli's emotional humus: he opens up to the world the evident desire for personal research of his own spirituality. Giving a color to our well-being means starting to listen to one's inner needs and try to respond. Searching for one's own depth means leading a life consistent with the values ??we consider important, feeling we are personally called to bear witness to them. These two fragrances want to be a contribution to the new generations to grow harmoniously and get to know what is first of all within us, far from material things. In the paradox of the superfluous, LIGHT OF HEARTS and VERY SWEET RELIEF, whose poetic names are taken from the Sequence to the Spirit, remind and move, because crying is essential to give a value to emotions, because our emotions need a light that often does not it is outside but inside the heart. And knowing how to read your interior gives us the "perfect consolation". These two new fragrances are the discovery, also useful for those who approach the world of olfactory art on tiptoe, without too much knowledge but animated by that need to see through the sense of smell, and believe with it.


SUBJECT: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Amber, Musks

BACK SUBJECT: Iris, Cedar Wood Note

TAIL: Rosemary, Orange, Rose, Elemi, Incense

Filippo Sorcinelli Perfumes born in 2014; dedicated to the artistic passions of their creator:
  Gothic art, music, photography…the fog.Shop at
SUPERFLUO LUCE DEI CUORI EDP "light of hearts" Sale price$110.00 USD