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Virtue but also vices, courage and vulnerability this is the inspiration for the Premium collection of Nobile 1942 which aims to tell the many facets of the human soul through the olfactory portraits that led to the creation of the fragrances that make up the collection. If Rudis is dedicated to strength, Shamal to perseverance, and Malia to the art of seduction, a vice that is actually a virtue, the new fragrance “Petali e Spade” is dedicated to fragility not as a synonym of weakness, but rather as a true inner strength of each of us.

Knowing our own vulnerability and living it in a conscious way, ignites our inner flame, the one that leads us to innovation, change and full knowledge of ourselves. And it is precisely this awareness of the vulnerability of things and the fragility of our emotions that makes us ready to face everything. This powerful delicacy outlines the olfactory profile of a woman behind whose apparent fragili¬ty hides a fearless soul and graceful ferocity. The inspiration comes from Xiao Mei, the blind dancer protagonist of the film “The forest of flying daggers”. Suspected of being the missing daughter of the head of the sect of the same name, imprisoned by the emperor’s soldiers and then helped to escape by the captain of the militia. Her dance of the water sleeves (or “the dancing echo step”), which almost defies gravitational laws, is pure visual ecstasy but also the maximum expression of her inner strength that surprises us all. These movements, although delicate, are actually endowed with explosive composure. A hypnotic dance can thus turn into a fight to the death, a branch becoming a deadly dagger, a bamboo forest an insidious prison as well as a makeshift weapon. Petali e Spade is dedicated to all the Xiao Mei of the world: inside every woman there is a warrior, who advances with a steady step even on the paths she does not know, who bends but does not break the difficulties of life, who prefers to walk by alone in the dark rather than in someone’s shadow.

The Exceptional Collection

Top notes: Bergamot, Tea Leaves Accord, White Peach Accord, Aldehyde Notes

Heart notes: Jasmine, Magnolia, Osmanthus

Base notes: Sandalwood, Myrrh, Amber, Fruity Musks, Vanilla

Nose: Antonio Alessandria. Olfactive family: floral fruity aldehydes
Perfume code: evening Perfume mood: our inner strength comes from our fragility.
Customized glass painted bottle 2,536 US FL.OZ

PETALI E SPADE EDP Sale price$230.00 USD