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A fragrance as artistic creation. Pure emotional tension.

Olfactive Family: CITRUS

As all artistic creations ,fragrance comes to the world from imagination and creativity but it also study and research. As Leonardo da Vinci said the result fruit of tenacious accuracy. Estroverso is a mix of ingredients traditionally used in perfumery but blended in a unusual way: citrus and aromatic notes create a Coca Cola accord that makes this fragrance unique in its simplicity.

Fragranza Suprema Collection

Top notes: lemon, orange, tangerine, limette.

Heart notes: rosemary, artemysia, cedar wood.

Base notes: vetiver, patchouli, musk, amber notes.

Nose: Karine Vinchon

Perfume Code: day

Perfume Mood: a burst of energy

Customized glass bottle 2,536 US FL.OZ.

ESTROVERSO EDP Sale price$160.00 USD