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I would like to get dirty slowly,
precious useless angel
slow sun fire
where the water rests with me
and caress the song of the skin.
A watch made of honey
with the hours marked by a warm wind
shadows of cicadas
silence of the prickly pear
in an orange
that stings the loneliness.

What does it mean today: "there is no hurry"?
In the obsession of the speed paradoxically the cognition of the time is lost. Here then the desire to stop to recognize and build the solitude of a sunny afternoon.
Slowness then becomes a necessary Caress, almost like boredom, to sink into the limits of silence and continue to listen to life in a way that has now become unknown.
Relying on the arms of a wind without running, which moves the earth burned by memories, is a courage of few, because bathing in this value revolutionizes and repairs.
Lentezza Carezza is a summer smell where loving each other becomes a tool for addressing others with new eyes and a reconstructed soul.
A perfume that transforms the perception of remaining motionless, becoming «a new form of resistance, in a world where everything is too fast. And where the greatest power is to decide what to do with one's time», as Sepùlveda says.

The SuperFluo collection? by Filippo Sorcinelli, born from the desire to implement the offer through cosmetics and body care


SUBJECT: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Musks
COUNTER SUBJECT: Jasmine, Cyclamen, Cedarwood, Green Notes
TAIL: Myrrh, prickly pear, bergamot, orange

SUPERFLUO LENTEZZA CAREZZA "Slowness Caress" EDP Sale price$110.00 USD