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Hi! My name is Hala, and I'm a designer based in Orlando, Florida. My foray into handbag design began in 2008 when I had the good fortune to craft a bag to fundraise for charity. In a society of fleeting trends, I seized my chance to make a style statement. Designing a bag that spoke to all was my mission - an exceptional bag that enabled people to express themselves. Thus was born the Shag Couture -the shaggy bag. My former company name Shag Couture was the beginning of this passion. Since then, I've been honing my work, mainstreaming the product and crafting pieces that appeal to my patrons. My expertise in interior design has not only underpinned my passion, but also enabled me to take a leap into the world of fashion. My collections of handbags are wearable works of art, embodying a sense of exploration and adventure, some incorporating antique finds - above all, accentuating the personality of the purse-bearer. My offerings are scarce, each a limited edition piece rotating occasionally.

About my team

In a world filled with many talents I don't work alone. My seamstress is my most special asset. She brings so much of what I create to life, with quality being our top priority. With her help i'm able to manage social media outlets, collaborations, source the best materials, and pull together amazing pieces. The best part about our works together is how much fun we have bringing these designs to life.