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Masa By Kajal EDP

Sale price$230.00 USD

Patience and hope, never fade with time, Despite the darkness and pressure, we must endure, We emerge in a light, so precious, sublime, Shining with beauty, exquisitely pure.
Masa, the Arabic name for a singular diamond. If we had an eternity to sift through a sea of diamonds, we would never find two the same, they are renowned for their uniqueness as much as they are for their astonishing beauty. Diamonds represent resilience, eternal love, purity, and new beginnings. These enchanting attributes highlight the ambiguous elements of this gem invincibility and the inherent delicacy of the one who wears it The Moon is a symbol of illumination, each Lunar phase is represented in the design of Masa in Silver, which is associated with strength, abundance, and enlightenment.
Masa By Kajal EDP
Masa By Kajal EDP Sale price$230.00 USD